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About Anthony

MSc student in Audio and Music Technology, University of York UK. (CV)

I was born in 1997 in Toulouse, France, and I went to study for a BSc of Music Technology (Hons) at the University of the West of Scotland.

In my third year I was introduced to a module called Immersive Audio, and I developed a real passion for VR technology and spatial audio. For my final year project I decided to record several music performances with 360° video and ambisonic audio technology to develop my skills in immersive audio productions.

In parallel with my degree course, I have worked as a freelancer for different projects, from music recording to live events, audiovisual & 360° spatial audio productions.

What is next ?

I am currently based in York, UK undertaking a MSc in Audio & Music Technology.

As part of the masters course I will work on a six months research project in collaboration with Abbey Road (London) to build a prototype of a music studio in virtual reality.

In October 2021 I will start a PhD at the University of York, under the supervision of Dr Gavin Kearney. and join the AudioLab research group, which is well renowned for its research in immersive and interactive audio.

The project description is: Accessible VR based interactive live music performance for improved Health and Well-Being.

I believe immersive live experiences are the future of live entertainment. The music industry is slowly shifting towards this direction, more companies proposing VR/AR music content are emerging each day, and the market has a lot of growth potential with the improvement of VR technology, especially since the economy has unfortunately been severely impacted by the sanitary crisis of covid-19.

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