The MIDI hand


Music instrument


Wearable as a glove, this haptic interface for Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) will allow the user to interact with music sourced from an audio file or generated by a synthesiser.

How to use ?

There are four buttons placed on the palm of the hand and reachable with the fingers. Each button activates unique audio effects inside a MAX/MSP program, which are respectively:

  • Button A: Low pass filter
  • Button B: Volume control
  • Button C: Frequency shifter
  • Button D: Pan LFO modulation

Once activated, each audio effect is modified by specific arm movements that are detected by the different Micro:bit sensors:

  • Compass: heading direction ⇒  Low pass filter: cut-off frequency
  • Accelerometer 
    • Y position
      • Volume control
      • Frequency shifter (for MAX/MSP oscillators only)
    • Z position ⇒ Pan LFO modulation: LFO rate




Max for Live 7

Mu (Python language)

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